Our Classroom Website

Welcome to March!

Welcome to our 4th Grade Classroom Webpage! I hope you will find this a valuable resource as we work together to help your student succeed. You may visit this page at cloretto.educatorpages.com.

Book It

Your child will receive his/her Book It Reading Contract for March next week. Students should read the indicated number of chapter books at their noted reading level. Please check that they are writing book titles correctly. If a book does not have a level, you can google AR Bookfinder to find the AR level of a book. 

Student Planners

Remember to check your student's planner nightly and initial.


Data Binder-Thursday, Mar. 1, 2018

Mountain Language Quiz-Friday, Mar. 2 (Grammar concepts: nouns, singular/plural form, adjectives, possessive form, abbreviations, compound words, word parts, prepositional phrases, synonyms, tense, guide words, sentence construction.)

State Report-Due March 19, 2018 (FINAL GRADE OF THE QUARTER)


  • Students will receive project informational packet: March 5
  • Students will check out state books from the library: March 5-6
  • Students will research state: March 5-8
  • Project Due: March 19